Vinny the Cabbie

Vinny Valoso is a middle-aged cab driver in Bin Prime. He is very anti-Imperial, and in the process of helping the party, his cab was demolished and is likely wanted for questioning (his cab would still be identifiable) by Officer Madar (who is thankfully trying to keep that whole incident quiet to avoid reprimand himself). Vinny joined the team, and is willing to help shuttle them around in the acquired Imperial speeder. He has no immediate family on Bin Prime.

Update: It turns out Vinny had one remaining family member, a cousin-uncle, who was sick and he occasionally visited along Lake Sundar. This relative became suspicious of Vinny's friends and activities, and reported Vinny's stolen speeder. Instead of local police, the Empire showed up and arrested Vinny, and later destroyed the relative and his house.

Vinny was interrogated and may have revealed some secrets - it is unknown how much information he gave. His current status is unknown - likely a prisoner somewhere, but not at the complex the team escaped from.