Via D'Gane

Via is a Zeltron double agent - an ISB mole. She seems to be addicted to gambling, and at first glance seemed like the stereotypical Zeltron - beautiful, outgoing, and perhaps a bit gullible. However, she has proven herself to be rather deadly, ruthless, and cunning.

The Baron is convinced she is an ally, sympathetic to the Rebellion. She is employed by a different organization. She will be a resource we can call upon in need, and vice-versa.

Update: Via disappeared and was incarcerated by the ISB according to Agent 63, and revealed Fox to be a double agent when 63 presented her with proof that Fox had turned on the team and was going to betray the rest of the team. He also mentioned she had been fairly resistant to interrogation up to that point, and had been interrogated by the Inquisitor as well. It is unknown how much information she had provided about the rest of the Balmorran Resistance.

Via's current status is unknown, and is likely still imprisoned by the Imperials, though she was not at the facility the team escaped from.