Alias; “Tor-Nenko” Real Name; Taloon Merr-sonn


  • Male Human
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 6' 1“; Skinny build, pale skinned, white hair, blue eyes
  • Career: Engineer
  • Specializations: Mechanic, Medic


Total XP; 550

Free XP; 7



Ranked Skills

Skill © Pool Rank
Ranged (Light) (Ag) 4
Athletics (Br) 1
Charm (Pr) 1
Computers (Int) 4
Deception (Cun) 3
Leadership (Pr) 3
Mechanics (Int) 4
Medicine (Int) 2
Negotiation (Pr) 1
Perception (Cun) 2
Piloting (Space) (Ag) 1
Resilience (Br) 1
Skulduggery (Cun) 4
Vigilance (Will) 1
Education (Int) 1


Engineer: Mechanic


  • Redundant Systems: Once Per Session; Repair any damaged device using parts from another same device without damaging either with an Easy () Mechanics check
  • Bad Motivator; Once Per Session;Take a Bad Motivator action; Make a Hard () Mechanics check to cause one targeted device to spontaneously fail
  • Contraption; Once Per Session; Take a Contraption Action; Make a Hard () to fashion a device to solve a problem using just the tools and parts on hand.
  • Natural Tinkerer; Once Per Session; Re-Roll any 1 Mechanics check


  • Solid Repairs (Rank 1); When repairing hull trauma on a starship or vehicle, repair 1 additional hull trauma per rank of Solid Repairs
  • Fine Tuning (Rank 1); When repairing system strain on a starship or vehicle, repair 1 additional system strain per rank of Fine Tuning
  • Gear Head (Rank 1): Remove 1 Setback per rank for Mechanic checks; Halve Credit cost for Mods


  • Grit x1 ; Gain +1 Strain Threshold
  • Toughened x1 ; Gain +2 Wound Threshold
  • Enduring x1 ; Gain +1 Soak Value
  • Dedication; Gain one Characteristic Intellect

Soldier: Medic


  • Surgeon (Rank 1); When making a Medicine check to help a character heal wounds, the target heals 1 additional wound per rank of Surgeon
  • Stimpack Specialization (Rank 2); Stimpacks heal 1 additional wound per rank of Stimpack Specialization
  • Bacta Specialist (Rank 1); Heal 1 additional wound per rank in Bacta Specialist when using a Bacta Tank for long term care.
  • Forager; Remove up to 2 Setback from skill checks to find food. water or shelter. Survival checks to forage take half the time.
  • Natural Doctor; Once Per Session; Re-Roll any 1 Medicine check


  • Stim Application; Take the Stim Application Action; Make an Average () Medicine Check. If successful 1 engaged ally increases 1 characteristic by 1 for the remainder of the encounter and suffers 4 strain.


  • Well Rounded ; Choose any two skills. They permanently become Career Skills (Deception,Leadership)
  • Grit x2 ; Gain +1 Strain Threshold
  • Toughened x1 ; Gain +2 Wound Threshold


Merr-Sonn Model 44Light Blaster Pistol

Ranged(Light)Medium Range

Stun Setting

Fusion CutterTool

MeleeMelee Range

Breach 1 Burn 3 Sunder Vicious 3

Light Gear;

  • City Com
  • Scout 5 Goggles
  • Chloroform x3
  • Kolori Lily Anti-Poison (Free Success at Resilience Poison Checks) x2
  • Armor Piercing Grenades x2

Other Gear;

  • Stimpack x4
  • Medpack
  • Tool Kit
  • Data Pad
  • Fusion Cutter
  • Slicer Gear
  • City Communicator
  • Disguise Kit
  • Black Ops Data Breaker

Carrying Gear;

  • Load Bearing Gear (Enc +3)
  • Utility Belt (Enc +1)
  • Backpack (Enc +4)


  • Background;

Born Taloon Merr-Sonn, son of Lakanaba Merr-Sonn and part of a branch family of Merr-Sonn Munitions. The last of two sons and a daughter, Taloon lived a privileged life on Coruscant, receiving advanced schooling and education, as well as general mechanical training from a young age.

In his 14th year, following his mother's tragic death in a transport accident, his father pulled him closer to the family business. Initially trained in the manufacture and repair of various Merr-Sonn arms, Taloon was brought on board to sell and trade to military and security groups throughout the galaxy. This often involved presentations of company product, giving him ample experience in the use and maintenance of light firearms.

His work experience was not limited to private sales however as he frequently joined his father in various munition trade shows, seeing an experiencing what other similar companies were up to in the advancement of defense and armament. In his 27th year however, one visit to a trade show would alter his family's fortune and direction to the end of it's line.

While at a trade show on Coruscant, one with an Imperial presence as they were looking into possible alternate arms for use in more tepid climates, Taloon was searching for his father who had stepped away for awhile to 'meet with an old colleague'. Upon finding him Taloon saw Lakanaba forcing his way out of a private show room in a state between disheveled and furious. Moments before the door Lakanaba burst his way through closed Taloon breifly saw a floating, black spheroid which while not in any form of operation seemed to shake an unknown fear through him. Lakanaba took Taloon by the arm and informed his son they were leaving, speaking no other words until they had not only left the convention, but also immediately boarded a private space craft and were on their way off world. Landing at their second home on Alderaan, Lakanaba took his son to a private workshop located underneath the house, finally informing him of what he saw back on Coruscant.

Showing his son plans for a machine looking very similar to the bot seen on Alderaan, Lakanaba explained it was a device meant for extracting information through means of drugging and tourture. In his younger days when he started working for the family company he was approached by a fellow engineer friend of his who presented the plans for this device and offered to give the Merr-Sonn company the first offer to manufacture the devices. Lakanaba rejected the offer on the terrifying device and severed all ties with his former college, never speaking to him again until receiving an invitation to meet at the Coruscant weapons trade show. While agreeing to meeting his friend to keep face, he had hoped that maybe his friend had done better for himself in the decades past.

Instead he had learned that the plans he had seen in his youth were instead given to the then emerging Empire, being used by their engineering teams on the Imperial Security Bureau to manufacture the IT-O Interrogator droid. Not only that but he had been given an offer to supplement the manufacture of the droid's successor; the IT-3.

Lakanaba had always remained neutral in the war between the now firmly established empire and the Rebellion, mostly in respect to the Merr-Sonn family business. However with the reveal of the use of such wicked technology he rejected the offer and in his workshop confided to his son Taloon that he would begin to secretly give and support arms to the Rebellion cause.

In the coming months, Lakanaba would forge new connections with the Rebellion, but as Empire's influence grew the efforts to keep this support hidden not only from the Empire but to the main family as well became only more difficult. He'd always assured that whatever assets were used to support the Rebellion strictly came from his own coffers; thus giving the main family the ignorance and in turn deny-ability of his own actions. To his immediate family however protection would be impossible.

With his ties to the Rebellion, he had arranged privately for an emergency extraction protocol, should he ever be found out. To his son Taloon and his other children Lakanaba had give them a secret pass-phrase which would warn them that their secret had been found and they were to immediately go with whoever gave them the pass-phrase to be lead to safety.

These measures unfortunately came to pass in Taloon's 31st year. While preparing to perform weapon demonstrations for a security firm off world he was approached by a stranger who spared no time giving Taloon the family's pass-phrase, and informing him that his father had been taken by the Empire. Taloon was taken to the Rebellion underground, however in the weeks that followed no word had come regarding the fate of his brother and sister as they were unable to be located after the capture of Lakanaba.

The Rebellion assisted Taloon's efforts to build a new identity for himself to hide from the Empire. Medically altering his hair and eye colors he adopted a new name for himself, 'Tor-Nenko', after a merchant from a favorite stage play, before being dropped off on Balmorra and given a job as a odd-jobs mechanic at one of the various existing weapon factories on world.

Although his new job put him dangerously close to the Empire's sight it also allowed him to retrieve and send information regarding the Empire's munition requests and needs. Incidentally he was approached by Damaria Marsand to help with the maintenance of an Imperial garrison armory (that inexplicably around that same time had increased reports of equipment and weapons failure). His efforts were not unnoticed by some however, particularly by one Baron Swift, who promptly dismissed, then privately reassigned Tor-Nenko to a more 'fitting' roll as a mechanic in a private bar.

Tor had looked to settle himself into a passive role on the team. Not leading the front charge but rather supporting through mechanical and slicing needs. From the first mission however it would seem fate would have him play other rolls, that of a medic and being a practitioner of subterfuge.

Not only that but his personal interests had come into jeopardy as well. Initially believing he had little to nothing to lose, the reality of the war made itself feel real with the return of his sister. That what he once lost and now found could ultimately be lost again is something he does not want to admit to, given his rather stoic facade he's been working to keep, but it's taken him to places and actions, compelled him to do things that his otherwise logical self wouldn't have permitted. The fact he used this cold handling of himself and those around him as a coping device for his loses, to have it eroded not only to care for his team but also family is something that Tor will ultimately have to deal with sooner than later, lest he just dives into another project to distract himself from it entirely and hope that it doesn't compromise any further decisions he has to make.

If nothing else his new an unexpected direction also came with a significant development of his medical skills, something that from his very first mission he's had to call on. While at first he had only his first-aid training expected of someone well versed with weaponry and sales, he would eventually dabble in it on his own time, as well as receive training from the more medically trained Merlyn. However it might be possible that Tor is looking into areas even outside Meryln's area of expertise, or most commonly accepted practices for that matter.

  • Ambitions;

Tor has taken time to reconsider what his ultimate goal within the rebellion is. While he had many goals that involved the the end of the war the protection of his teammates as well as his family has taken the fore in his mind. To that end he feels compelled and inspired by the Balmorra shield project to work on making as many places safe from the Empire's reach as possible.

  • Hobbies;

When not working on projects for the resistance group or general maintenance around the bar Tor-Nenko often prefers to keep his mind and hands busy by way of puzzles or similar physical mind teasers. Otherwise he can often be seen reading classic literature.

  • Duty;

Tor-Nenko's primary duties to the group are acquiring and maintaining new and advanced munitions, either through anonymous channels to his prior connections, or skimming off imperial shipments.

  • Motivation;

Quest; Family Recently reuniting with his sister, Tor is now compelled to keep her safe, as well as finding a renewed interest in finding his brother.