The Fledgling Rebel Base

The party's base lies beneath what used to a local Imperial officer's cantina, inside ancient catacombs below the city. The base consists of:
* a Safehouse (3 rooms, power, water and a small storage room)
* a Command and Control Center
* a medical facility located in the Warehouse District (2 bacta tanks, surgery area, recovery rooms, and some ancient machinery that is still being investiaged)
* a hidden, ancient hangar bay built into a sheer cliff wall.''

The Safehouse and Control Centre

The Medbay

The Hangar

Newly discovered ancient hangar, on a cliff wall outside of Bin Prime

Interior of Hangar - ships are for sense of scale only; to fit a CR-90 we'd have to move the Varactyl pen
Further Underground Maps pending

Living Accomodations

Characters currently living at the Safehouse:

  • Sprend
  • Grexi & Chulo (??), Bobo

Other characters' living quarters:

  • Marv - lives above in the Reactor Core living space behind the kitchen. (??)
  • Tor-nenko - has a room next to Marv's, provided for him since he works as caretaker. (??)
  • Baron Swift: small manor home on the outskirts of Bin Prime. (??)
  • Damaria Marsand: tiny studio apartment within walking distance of the Safehouse. (??)
  • Dash - ??
  • Merlyn - a room off the medbay (attached via tunnels)