Seth Vance

Seth was discovered and captured when he uncovered the impending attack upon the Reactor Core. He managed to escape. He burst in on the crew at the Reactor Core and warned them of the impending attack. The attack came and they prevailed.

He is a Rebellion operative working deep cover on an Imperial Black Ops task force as a field agent. His previous Rebel cell has been terminated. He indicates to the group that the task force has uncovered many details about their small operation including slicing into Damaria's and Baron Swift's private messages and uncovering details about “lineage” or “ancestors”. As an aside to Damaria he quietly mentioned knowing about her involvement in “the society”.

He suggested a plan to attack the black ops warehouse and steal or destroy the Intel gathered. The group seemed to agree.

Revealed: Seth is actually a deep cover operative tasked with finding information about a Rebellion leak within the Firebird society.

  • Athion Naos, a member of the Firebird society that Damaria was a member of. Athion was suspect by Imperial Intelligence for leaking intel to the Rebellion. The Firebird society is not an officially sanctioned Imperial force.
  • Seth was tasked to investigate. Athion (really a member/sympathizer of the Rebellion) caught wind of the investigation and was forced to frame Damaria for it.
  • Athion is unaware of Damaria's involvement with the Rebellion.
  • Seth uncovers this framing plus a nest of treachery up through the ranks of acting Imperial Military officials.
  • Seth goes under deep cover to unravel this web of conspiracy.
  • Seth tracks Damaria down on Balmorra, retrieves a set of current Rebellion security codes and the rest is history.

Deceased: Shot in the head by Damaria while subdued by Baron Swift's use of the Force.