A new crime lord seeking to set up operations in Bin Prime. The party blew up part of his warehouse. They have promised to pay it back.

Commander of an Imperial Black Ops task force. Their mission is to gather intel on growing Rebel cells and destroy them using any means necessary. They operate outside of standard Imperial channels and employ unorthodox methods of hunting and destroying rebel cells.

He is located in an abandoned warehouse in the factory district.

Information gained:

  • The facilty's link to the power grid has been removed.
  • There is one sewer tunnel running under the building with no direct access to inside.
  • Tor'nenko has sliced into the city hall records and placed a “for Demolition” marker on the file for the warehouse. No work orders have been produced though.

After their mission, Swift promised to pay back Sabik for the loss of his men and the damage to his facilities. They managed to deliver some mining equipment, stolen from the Imperials, although Fox tagged the equipment with a surveillance tracking device, not missing a possibly lucrative opportunity to double-cross the criminal.