Session 6

Date 35:1:25

They had all gathered for a relaxed tense evening of steaks and secrets, but a zany deadly surprise sends the team out on a goofy urgent quest they won't soon forget!!
Forum post:

After Swift and Damaria revealed their Force sensitivity, Brown Fox collapsed with his paw on the front door. Test were run that revealed a designer poisoned that would forever alter him within 4 hours. The team scrambled to find the person, facility and supplies needed to reverse the effects. The found Merlyn the Neimodian who operated out of the derelict ruins of an ancient lab. Once it was powered up, blank platelets were written into an Ichor that stopped the toxin and reversed their harmful effect.

Merlyn joined the team and his medical facility was connected to the base via the ancient catacomb.

A few days later, the group was introduced to the injured Jedi they had rescued previously and agreed to train Swift and Damaria in their force power. The sealed box they had acquired at the same time was also opened, revealing personal affects, lightsaber minutia and an alarm beacon which was destroyed somewhat quickly.



  • 21 exp for accomplishing the main mission (facility, person and supplies)
  • 2 exp for not taking any lives
  • 1 exp for extra care given Brown Fox
  • 5 exp for opening the sealed box

=29 XP total (plus 2 xp for a journal entry)

Resource/Personnel Acquisition

  • Merlyn the Neimodian doctor joined the team
  • Medical Facility expansion for base (p.89 of Desperate Allies): medical supplies, 2 bacta tanks and space for 5 pateints
  • some kind of hover pallet jack
  • miscellaneous Jedi stuff
  • Damaria & Swift gain a mentor


  • A short-lived alarm beacon was triggered


  • Recruitment: 15 (Merlyn & Jumper the guard)
  • Resource Acquisition: 10 (hover pallet jack, Jedi stuff)
  • Sabotage: 12 (Blew up Imperial Welcome Centre)
  • Support: 10 (Lots of driving, working together to save Fox)