Mission 5 - Part 2 - Hunted

Session Recap

Date 35:1:23

An interesting attack on the warehouse and a traitor revealed. A surprise from Damaria!

Session Results


25 xp per character.

  • 20 xp for breaching the warehouse
  • 5 xp for permanently removing Seth


  • 20 group obligation - The party damaged Sabik's warehouse and killed a few of his men. He would like repayment.


For both Sessions 4 &5

  • Recruitment: 8 (Made some connections to the Black Market, and at least have a relationship, albeit shaky, with a new crime boss)
  • Combat Victory: 15 (Took out a squad, either Black Ops or at least Imperial-friendly Mercs)
  • Resource Acquisition: 4 (Acquired a delivery van, though we're using it for our own local cell's purposes)
  • Counter-Intelligence: 12 (Cracked the holonet code, and left a message to mislead the Imps - if Seth worked alone, then investigators will keep going, if he was actually sending messages to someone it should throw them off)


  • Damaria: Net 22 conflict
  • Swift: Did you guys already take conflict?