Mission 3 - Double Agents

Session Recap

Compatriot sent intel on the 14th to the Baron regarding Brown Fox's mission: the ISB mission briefing and the suggestion that Brown Fox is possibly willing to join us and turn on the Empire.

The team briefed on the 15th in the evening, and spent the next few days preparing. On the evening of the 18th they sprang into action. By the end of the night, Sprend had been fired from his temp job (no pay), and made a key sniper shot that led to a successful ambush; Tor-nenko left early, walking home lost in thought, pondering a revelation that left him shaken; Dash rescued a Twi'lek in distress and got her phone number and eventually re-joined the team in time to conquer his fears in the dark; Damaria felt sick from being around so much death, but managed to keep the team together enough to complete all objectives; Brown Fox actually stayed alive, and may have proven to his handlers that he actually might be a useful tool; and the Baron is conflicted: proud of the team's accomplishments, but rather upset with how things were accomplished - far too much attention was brought to individuals in their fledgling Resistance team, and Agent 63 is likely still unknown.

Session Rewards

21 XP (plus 2 XP if you write character journals before the 29th - this gives the GM ideas on how to engage your characters better in future missions)

  • 10 XP for finding the mole (D'Gane)
  • 5 XP for figuring out the data drop method/location/droid and retrieving the data
  • 3 XP for capturing Officer Madar (and we'll frame him as the mole narratively)
  • 3 XP for both D'Gane and Brown Fox retaining ISB agent status, with little suspicion cast on them

Duty Contribution Rank increased to 1 (reset all Duty scores to 0)

  • Sprend: 7 Combat Superiority
  • Tor-nenko: 10 Tech acquisition (I'll post a follow-up narrative about that datachip)
  • Damaria: 6 Recruit
  • Brown Fox: 10 Counter-Intelligence (framing Madar, gaining favor with ISB)
  • Dash: 2 Support (bringing Sprend to the Safehouse)
  • Baron: 3 Recruit (for his off-table role in “recruiting” Brown Fox)

Everyone may choose one piece of gear - rarity 4 or lower, pending my approval (just to confirm that it is something that fits the campaign and that the Alliance would likely provide to us). I'll write a brief narrative of Compatriot stopping by Bin Prime and congratulating us once everyone has chosen their reward

Other consequences

  • Damaria was recognized by the Imperial Governor, and another businessman caught her reference to being in the Firebird Society.
  • Sprend is on the two “tails” radar - the Twi'lek female agents do not like him and noted his appearance.
  • Dash's speeder was noticed the day before when casing out the Imperial Safehouse (relatively minor at this point, since he has a lot of excuses - or maybe word gets to his parents??)
  • D'Gane is tentatively on the team, though her allegiance is not yet known (might be known before next session depending on some off-screen roleplaying)