Mission 1: A Pressing Rescue

Your comms blink with the emergency code - “Urgent mission - meet at the safehouse ASAP”. Some arrive quickly, climbing out of the secret access hatch, others enter through the back alley entrance through a warren of narrow lanes.

When you arrive, Marv steps into the backroom. Through the door to the cantina you all hear the dulcet tones of the Zeltron Lute - Baron Swift's music stirs you more than usual tonight; the notes slip past your psychological armor and the ghosts of your past begin materializing… the door shuts firmly behind Marv and he hands a small datapad to the group.

Mission 1 Briefing

Session 1 Results

Updated Sep 15

  • +6 XP for retrieving the Printing Press; +2 XP for retrieving data list;
  • +6 XP for rescuing all three Takkas; +1 XP for unlocking Level I on the old datachip
  • 15 XP total for participating players

New members of the Resistance

  • Chulo & Grexi Takka and their 3-year old son Bobo. These rodians have experience in the printing business, and we just happen to have their printing press, too! Chulo is 27 and Grexi is 23. Chulo is recovering from a blaster wound to his chest.
  • Vinny Valoso is a former taxi driver who knows the backstreets of Bin Prime like the back of his hand. He's a 55-year-old human who despises the Empire, and remembers the “good ol' days” of the Republic before it descended into the madness of the Clone Wars. His taxi was destroyed in the chase, but whaddya know
  • we procured an Imperial speeder bike

Other mechanical results

  • PC's get a to their next 2 checks to crack Imperial codes (from the speeder bike data)

Moving Forward

It's not mandatory, but when you spend XP it would be neat to have reasons why your character would have developed in the way you did. Perhaps you spent some time hunting with Sprend to develop your shot, or cruising around town increasing piloting (planetary). There will be roughly a week before the next mission, so your character journal/sketches can reflect those facts.