Master Xenrad

The party rescued this man from a locked prison inside a secure Imperial hovertrain. He was identified as vital to the Rebellion, and everything seemed quite top-secret. The Baron and Damaria have sensed that he is strongly Force-Sensitive.

He was badly beaten and tortured by the Imperials, and while remained alive, he was in a coma and lost the use of his legs. Tor-nenko stabilized him, but needed further medical care in proper facilities.

After a few weeks, this mysterious stranger awoke, and claimed to be a Jedi, Lo-den Xenrad began to train Damaria and Swift in the ways of the Force. He was a master healer, and was able to keep himself alive through the Force, but he began to age quickly since his injuries sapped much of his strength.

He sensed the presence of the Inquisitor on the planet, and joined Merlyn's rescue operation when the team was captured. He delayed the Inquisitor long enough for the team to escape, knowing they were not strong enough to defeat the Inquisitor at this point, especially not without their weapons or gear. As the last team member ran out the torture room door, Master Xenrad collapsed the room, sacrificing himself to save the rest.