Important Questions for the Party to Think About

  • How much do the Imperials know about the rebel cell?
  • Where is the Inquisitor?
  • How does the cell interact with the formal government of Balmorra?
  • Are the Takkas all dead or just lost?
  • How did Agent 63 die?
  • What happened to Fox, and has he revealed everything to the Empire?

Loose Ends

Jedi Jumping-off-points

  • Didn't we find a Holocron way back when (and data chip)?
  • Isn't there an ancient Jedi temple somewhere under Bin Prime?
  • How will Swift, Damaria, and Arali deal with their Force Powers, how much do they try to hide? Everyone in the room in the Balmorran Star now know about their lightsabers…

Dash's Drama

  • Koyi'Tarkona, the girl Dash saved
  • What has happened to Dash's parents?
  • Will our actions at the factory affect Dash's parents?

Tor's Troubles

  • Via's tattoo and it's connection to Tor - does the group know everything now?
  • Just what the heck is Tor hiding from and why won't he say anything about anything?

Sprend's Situation

  • How does Rail's death change Sprend's life?
  • How has the change in Sprend's vision changed his life?
  • What became of Sprend's pet gundark?

Merlyn's Melodrama

  • No one from the Nova Squad will find him WAY out here, right?

Damaria's Decisions

  • What's up with Pitr? And Abinar? How will she treat those situations, especially if Abinar is around? How will Abinar react to learning of her powers during the finale?
  • How does she feel about her deceptions & dalliance on the last mission?
  • What about the Jedi temple? Any information & advantage seems worth pursuing now
  • Firebird connection (and slip-up at the casino); and how would any of the group that learn of it react? Does she tell them?
  • What does SHE see her role in the fledgling Rebellion as? How does she balance that with her decision to specifically keep her friends/teammates safe?

Old “Friends”

  • How did the death of the businessman in the casino affect Balmorra?
  • There is a tracker placed on the mining equipment given to Sabik
  • Does Sally keep her job on the Balmorra Star?
  • What happened after Via's torture?
  • What happened to Vinny after his capture?
  • Will Cliff ever show up looking for a bar where everyone knows his name?
  • What is happening to Brown Fox?


  • Beacon in the box
  • Did anyone survive the massacre at the Den?

Mission Ideas

  • Imperial Star Destroyer is in orbit and the troops are sent in to sabotage or steal some gear.

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