Grayson “Jumper” Asknov

A Stormstrooper turned rebellion sympathiser

Jumper was on break during his shift at the ISB Safehouse when Via, Brown Fox and company arrived. Caught off guard, he attempted to open fire on Fox before the Shistavenen greeted him with a jolt from his shock gloves.

When he came to, Jumper was confined in a makeshift prison in an underground facility. He soon divined that he was being held prisoner by a rebel cell. His main interaction came from a pair of aliens called the Takkas. Rather than torturing him (or worse) then took decent care of him. In return, he simply had to endure endless sermons about the evil of the empire and the need for revolt. Soon, however, the propaganda took root, and the imprisoned soldier soon began to see the world from a different vantage point.

At the same time, he also began looking deeper into the facility where he was being held. His education in engineering was not going to waste, and he was soon understanding the apparently ancient catacombs where he was being held.

He was recently given a chance to shine when the rebel cell needed help in resurrecting some ancient machinery. His knowledge of the technology saved one of their team members and proved that change is possible, even for an Imp.

He was one of the few to escape the Imperial riot troopers at the Den, and will stay with Merlyn and Marv to maintain the Rebel Base under Bin Prime.