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  • Headline - Assembly Disbanded, Martial Law Imposed
    • Breaking News: The Imperial Governor disbanded the Assembly today amidst allegations of traitorous Peers and a plot to overthrow the rightful government. Baron Swift is named as the ringleader in this heinous plot, and is charged with high treason. The Baron's estate is under guard and his assets seized. In addition, all other Peers with questionable loyalty have been put under house arrest.
    • Update: 35:2:23 There has been a major prison break at Imperial Centre this morning. An official from the Centre stated that it was quickly put down, all escapees were executed in the name of public safety, and there is no need to panic. Authorities are looking for a Neimodian male, last seen wearing a barista outfit. No other details were released at this time. Eye witnesses report a possible earthquake or minor collapse at Imperial Centre, but at this time the structure appears to be stable.

35:2:10 Balmorra World News:

  • Secondary article, removed within hours of posting - Missing Twi'lek Mystery Solved - Imperial Slavery on Balmorra
    • Renee Wazertiz authored an investigative report about the missing twi'lek epidemic, and how she managed to join a convoy of slaves. She incriminates the government, noting official Imperial scout troopers were assigned to guard the convoy, and outlined the horrid living conditions. She then gives the account of the Human League raid, and writes about a heroic group of freedom fighters who rescued her and what slaves remained alive. She attaches a holo of Sprend's wanted poster, and notes that clearly the Empire does not like those who defend the weak and the marginalized, and urges citizens to protect this paragon of justice. She doesn't mention any further details about the group. She concludes the article with saying she has already left the planet for fear of her safety, but wishes Balmorra the best in the future.


  • Secondary article - A Swift Recovery
    • A short report that the Baron was rescued, but it lacks details. It mentions that the Assembly has extended the Baron a brief leave of absence until his full recovery, and that he has requested privacy.

35:2:7 Politics:

  • Headline - Terror on the Rise - Assembly Abduction
    • The evening news broke the story of the Human League claiming to have kidnapped Swift from a downtown restaurant, with the demand for a 300,000 credit ransom. Witnesses at the scene said they thought the Baron had had a heart attack, and he was rushed away by a waiting ambulance, but the Human League notified the government and the press today, taking credit for this attack.
    • A quote from the Imperial Head of Security, Commander Larness: “The Empire does not negotiate with fundamentalist terrorists. As you know, the Baron Swift is on my advisory committee, and we will do everything possible to make sure my friend is freed safely, but without funding these monsters.” He went on to infer that stricter measures are needed to provide order and safety for all of the Empire's citizens.



  • Headline - Bin Prime Ban: The Curfew and You
    • A very pro-Imperial article on how the curfew will reduce crime and protect the most vulnerable.
  • Secondary article - Assembly Protests New Law
    • 12 Barons, including the head of the Assembly's Transport & Communication advisory committee, Baron Swift, walked out of yesterday's 4 pm conference in protest at the announcement. He commented that the Imperial Balmorran government “had rejected 10 key Assembly recommendations that would have been far more effective without abrogating essential freedoms.”
  • Secondary article - Bin Prime Gala Ball
    • A holo of Swift and Damaria (in a rather sheer formal evening gown) arm in arm along with several other officials accompanies an article about the final ball of the Season. A more neutral report of the event, mentioning visiting diplomats from nearby star systems.


  • Headline - Audacious Alien-loving Assembly
    • The Entertainment section has a collection of holos from the Gala, and the primary one is a picture of Swift cornered and being kissed by both a Falleen and a Zeltron - Via D'Gane, in fact. There are also pictures of Baron Telmarr, Swift's rotund Twi'lek friend, and an assortment of attractive party goers of several species, including Imperials. Several opinion pieces accompany the slideshow, one in particular sounding outraged at this shameful interspecies mixing.