Damaria Marsand


  • Female human
  • Age: 29
    • Birthday: 05:5:4
  • Height: 1.68m; athletic build; fair-skinned; red hair; green eyes
  • Career: Commander
  • Specializations: Tactician, Force-Sensitive Emergent, Guardian:Warleader




Skill © Pool Rank
Brawl (Br) 0
Ranged (Light) (Ag) 2
Ranged (Heavy) (Ag) 0
Charm (Pr) 1
Coercion (Will) 1
Cool (Pr) 1
Discipline (Will) 2
Leadership (Pr) 3
Perception (Cun) 2
Stealth (Ag) 1
Survival (Cun) 1
Vigilance (Will) 1
Warfare (Int) 1
Warfare (Int) 1


  • Prime Positions (2): when character or allies in short range take cover, they increase soak against ranged attacked by 1 per rank of PP until they leave cover
  • Blind Spot: character & allies in short range add automatic to combat checks made while in cover
  • Suppressing Fire (2): character & allies in short range may spend on their failed combat checks once per round to inflict 1 strain per rank of SF on the target
  • Uncanny Senses (3): +3 to all Perception checks
  • Uncanny Reactions (1): +1 to all Vigilance checks
  • Sense Danger: Once per session, remove from any 1 check
  • Touch of Fate: Once per session, add to any 1 check
  • Commanding Presence (2): -2 from all Leadership & Cool checks
  • Natural Leader: Once per session, may reroll any 1 Cool or Leadership check
  • Confidence (1): may decrease difficulty of Discipline checks to avoid fear by 1
  • Careful Planning: once per session, may introduce a narrative “fact” as if a Destiny Point had been spent
  • Balance: When healing strain after an encounter, may add per Force Rating; recover additional strain equal to generated
  • Toughened [3] (+6 wound threshold)
  • Grit [4] (+34 strain threshold)
  • Dedication [2] (Agility, Presence)

Signature Ability

  • Rousing Oratory:
    • Basic Ability: Once per session, may perform Rousing Oratory action, spend 2 Destiny Points, and make a Hard () Leadership check to inspire a group to take action in a military situation about which members were previously hesitant.
    • Recover Strain: Friendly characters & NPCs targeted by Rousing Oratory recover a number strain equal to the character's ranks in Leadership
    • Turning Point: During a mass combat, may activate Rousing Oratory to create a turning point or boost allies already taking part in one.
    • Destiny: Rousing Oratory costs 1 Destiny Point instead of 2

Force Powers

  • Heal / Harm:
    • Heal (light side user only): spend / to heal # of wounds equal to Intellect from an engaged living creature (including self)
    • Harm: spend / to inflict # of wounds equal to Intellect (ignoring soak) on an engaged living target. User gains 1 Conflict.
  • Sense:
    • spend / to sense all living things within short range (sentient & non-sentient)
    • spend / to sense the current emotional state of 1 living target with whom she is engaged
    • Upgrade / Control: spend / to sense current thoughts of 1 living target with whom she is engaged
    • Upgrade / Range [1]: spend / to increase power's range by # of range bands equal to ranks in Range
    • Upgrade / Magnitude [1]: spend / to increase number of targets affected equal to magnitude upgrades purchased
  • Battle Meditation:
    • spend / to add one automatic to all checks made by # of engaged friendlies up to Presence before end of next turn. Any used reduce each target's Willpower by 1 (min 1) until end of encounter
    • Upgrade / Range [3]: spend / to increase power's range by # of range bands equal to ranks in Range (Max now Long)
    • Upgrade / Control - Planetary Scale: may suffer 4 strain to change the ranger of the power and range upgrades to planetary scale
    • Upgrade / Control - Orders: May make Easy () Leadership check as part of power check pool; if power activated & check succeeds, may send simple orders as part of power
    • Upgrade / Strength: Spend / / to add one additional automatic to affected character's checks
    • Upgrade / Duration: Commit to sustain the ongoing effects of the power on each affected target while it remains in range
    • Upgrade / Mastery: If no were used to generate /, choose one skill. All affected characters count as having same # of ranks in the skill as the affected character with the most ranks. If the user used any to generate /, each affected character must make an Easy Discipline check if they wish to resist obeying orders.
    • Upgrade / Magnitude (2): Spend / to affect a number of additional targets equal to Presence per rank of Magnitude purchased (Max now 12)


Weapons & Armor

  • Merr-Sonn Mk I Prototype Heavy Blaster (Ranged - Light; 7 damage; 2 crit; Medium range; stun setting; Enc 2)
    • Qualities:
      • Accurate 1 (add to all attacks w/ blaster)
    • Custom Grip attachment (-1 from all checks w/ blaster; +2 for anyone else using weapons) w/ Accurate mod
  • lightsaber (Lightsaber; 8 damage, Crit 1; Engaged range; Enc 0)
    • Qualities:
      • Breach 1
      • Sunder (spend to activate upon successful attack; damage target wielded item by 1 step per activation)
      • Defensive 1 (increase melee defense by 1 when wielded)
      • Accurate 1 (add to all attacks w/ saber)
    • disguised as blaster, with curved hilt integrated into blaster hilt.
    • blaster has Imperial Lieutenant markings that grant “Symbol of Command” (+1 to all Social skill checks when interacting w/ others brought up in Imperial military culture)
    • Curved Hilt attachment (adds auto to successful saber combat check when engaged w/ single opponent) w/ Defensive mod
    • Custom Grip attachment (-1 from all checks w/ saber; +2 for anyone else using weapons) w/ Accurate mod
  • modified Imperial field armor (armored clothing) (Enc 3 when not worn; 1 soak, 1 defense Melee/Ranged)
    • Custom Fit (-2 from Athletics & Stealth checks)

Other Gear

  • comlink
  • stimpack (3)
  • holocron
  • recon remote
  • Imperial uniform
  • disguise kit
  • utility belt



Damaria grew up on Kuat, where her family was one of the moderately powerful matriarchal aristocratic houses. Not having any particular talent or desire for working in the shipyards, nor any wish to be used as part of a political marriage, she instead enlisted in the military academy. It was there that she discovered her aptitude for tactical planning and leadership. Quickly growing bored with the lack of opportunity for action on Kuat, she drew upon her family ties to get a placement in the sector's Imperial military academy.

Damaria during her Imperial Academy days

Though she excelled in her training, she quickly discovered advancements in the Empire were few and far between for women. Unable to fully hide her discontent at the clash between this fact and her upbringing's views, she soon drew the attention of the Firebird Society, an all-female paramilitary organization that sought to promote the rights of women (especially military) within the Empire, doing anything it took (short of all-out betrayal) to achieve their goals. It was through discussions within this organization that she decided it would be better to accept the lower-level squad tactician's job that had been offered her than to stay at the academy in a vain attempt to get a higher-ranking job.

Shortly thereafter she was assigned to aid in the occupation of Balmorra, a relatively quiet assignment. It was there that she met Tor-nenko, who quickly proved to be highly useful for procuring and maintaining her garrison's armaments. Her desire for action was slaked by covert operations with the Firebirds, where her talents in tactical planning were put to full use. However, those ties to the Firebirds also left her under the watchful eye of the Imperial Intelligence and ultimately led to the collapse of her carefully planned out life.

The Firebirds had plotted a strike against a small but well-entrenched band of dissidents on Balmorra - a group the Empire deemed dangerous but not widespread enough to be worth the commitment of troops they thought would be required. Damaria seized this opportunity to take her first “live” mission, actually leading of a band of fellow Firebirds on the ground. No more planning back at base, this would be her chance to show she could think literally on her feet!

Weeks of planning flew by, then the day came when Damaria met up with the Firebirds who'd come from offplanet to take place in the assault. Soon Damaria was right where she'd dreamed - coordinating a band of her compatriots and clearly gaining the upper hand. In the midst of one tumultuous exchange of blaster fire, Damaria found herself face to face with a dissident who'd managed to slip through the side flank. Her training kicked in as drilled-in reflex guided her to level her blaster and fire. As her foe slumped to the ground, brain visible through the blaster-singed hole, Damaria screamed in agony, dropping to the ground with her head crushed between her hands. It was as if an overwhelming feeling of loss ripped through every cell in her body, leaving a trail of fire behind! Unable to bear any more, her vision tore to black as her thoughts broke up into a static of pain.

Some time later she came to, finding herself in a makeshift field medic's tent and surrounded by the Firebirds, who wore conflicting expressions of celebration and concern on their faces. Taking stock of herself and finding no physical injury, Damaria weakly congratulated her team as they left her to rest under the medic's care.

Her traumatized mind raced for explanations of what could have happened - the medic claimed all scans showed she was fine! But then why did her mind feel like it had expanded somehow, as if a new and heretofore unseen door in it had opened, revealing a vast but murky room? And was was this new feeling of… connectedness? As if somehow she could almost sense the people milling outside the tent, even though there she had no way of knowing they were there. Slowly, not wanting to recognize the truth, her subconscious made the connections with the histories she'd learned back on Kuat of the Jedi and the Force. That could be the only explanation - she must be Force sensitive!

Damaria knew all her plans had to change – she had to sever ties and leave quickly. No chance to further her career or prove herself - if she stayed and suffered another incident like the one she'd just had, someone would be sure to find her out and then more than her career would be on the line. Steeling herself against the tears of crushing disappointment that were trying to take over, she knew what she had to do. She had to resign from Imperial duty, and she did so the day she returned to her garrison, claiming stress-induced migraines that would prevent her from being able to concentrate on tactical decisions during the stress of battle. Her discharge was completed soon after – her theory that the Empire's dim view of female officers would cause her retirement not be viewed as a significant loss seemed to prove correct.

After her discharge, she spent months wandering the planet, shying away from Imperial contact and dropping all communications with the Firebirds as she tried to explore her newfound sensitivity. Still unsure if it was a boon or a curse, one thing she did feel sure of: the trauma of the experience left her very wary - perhaps even to the point of paranoia - of causing the loss of any further life.

Damaria after retirement

Her wanderings ultimately led her back to her house in Bin Prime, where she attended one of Baron Swift's shows on a whim. Sensing the mockery of the Empire that lay beneath the surface of the act, she became intrigued and quietly made contact. After a protracted and cautious verbal dance around the subject, she caught on to his Rebellion recruitment offer and accepted it. Perhaps this was where she could put her talents to full use, striking back at the Empire that had undervalued her – while also being safe from persecution for her new-found force sensitivities.

Since being recruited into the Rebellion, she has spent time keeping the Imperial officers she still rubs shoulders with at the local bar (and occasionally is mocked by) – and the Firebird Society – from discovering either her treason or her powers.

She has also come to appreciate the group she has fallen in with even further, despite (or because of?) all the idiosyncrasies therein. In order to protect both herself and them, she has wandered further down the path of the Force and is starting to learn how to not just bring out the best in herself, but in her squadmates in battle.

Damaria under Xenrad's tutelage


  • Damaria fears any Imperial getting wind of her Force sensitivity
  • Also fears Empire catching on to her prior work w/ the Firebird Society
  • recurrence of “emergence” trauma due to causing loss of life; she seems to be gaining better control over this during recent incidents, including being linked via Battle Meditation during a death
  • loss of any of her squadmates / friends
  • failing in her duty as a general of the Balmorran sector, especially to the citizens caught between the Rebellion & the Empire
  • As a corollary, having the Rebellion fail her & those she feels responsible for; she's still a bit suspect of High Command at times given the issues she saw during the Arda I campaign


  • Aid the rebellion by sabotaging Empire's military, especially anything that could help loosen the grip on her homeworld of Kuat
  • prove herself to the Alliance's command
  • learn how to use her force sensitivity to enhance her tactical abilities and the abilities of her teammates


  • Damaria is, somewhat contrary to her stern work demeanor, quite interested in the arts: specifically theatre and music (part of how she met Baron Swift).
  • Enjoys watching a variety of sporting events, especially grav-ball (which she has, in the past, coached)


  • Sabotage: Damaria's stint in the Firebird Society showed Damaria the value of disrupting an enemy's plans in ways other than direct combat, a lesson doubly applicable under the wing of the Rebellion. She hopes to use her skills to plan (preferably, though she's grown more “lax” on this one) non-lethal strikes against the Empire's operational capabilities.
  • Support (Commander): Damaria has come to realize the biggest assets she, the group she finds herself in, and the greater Rebellion have are the actual people. Moreso, recent events have lead her to be in a position to use her talents and new-found powers to provide support for her teammates (and other subordinate Rebellion troops) in ways that enhance their own abilities. She now believes that, while further recruitment to the cause is still important, even more vital is helping those already fighting for it. Rather than standing alone, she has begun to see the importance of strengthening the ties within the group as well, in no small part due to watching the Baron's example.


Connection: The Empire
Damaria still maintains some cautious connections to former Imperial compatriots, both to maintain appearances and for any insight useful to the Rebellion – and also potentially feel out any new recruit material.
The confrontation with Larness & the Inquisitor has essentially severed all possibility of maintaining ties to the Empire – at least on Bin Prime, and wherever else the Inquisitor's influence might be felt.

Drive: Subordinates
Damaria now sees her squadmates as essentially her family, and is determined to do all in her power to see that they reach and perform to their full potential. The survival on their group will depend on everyone doing so in the trying times ahead…


  • Emotional Strength: Discipline
  • Emotional Weakness: ObstinatenessCruelty
  • Current value: 63

Damaria's training and personality cause her to have a very disciplined demeanor and outlook… usually. Though she has learned through working with the current group to value the input of others, there have been times were something has leaked through and she has drawn upon an inner darkness to accomplish what she felt was right (for herself and/or her friends).

Group Ties

Damaria has been familiar with Tor-nenko since shortly after being stationed on Balmorra, when she enlisted his services in maintaining the Imperial garrison's armory. Later, after her retirement, it was through an invitation from Tor-nenko that she was introduced to Baron Swift, which ultimately led to her recruitment.