Grexi and Bobo Takka

Grexi is a Propagandist, excelling in wordsmithing and spinning stories. Chulo is a technician, specializing in heavy equipment like printing presses. He is still recovering from his wounds, though he is now able to walk about. Bobo is a toddler, around 3 years old.

While they are willing to continue helping out the Resistance, the Safehouse under the Reactor Core is no place for a young family, and it may be wise to smuggle them out of Bin Prime to a safer location on Balmorra soon.

Update: Chulo died in the initial assault on the Den after Fox's betrayal. The spiked drink disagreed with him, and then the shockwaves from the stun grenades of the anti-riot troopers was too much for his weakened heart. Fox's team of spies saw the Imps load up his body along with the other deceased victims of the attack.

Grexi and Bobo have disappeared. In the moments before Madar's raid on the Reactor Core, Marv ordered them to run and hide, and they presumably are hiding very well or got lost in the catacombs.