Quick Notes From the Cabin:



*Arda I: Integrating into Rebellion, but not trusting, view command as suspect/inpect

*Meeting Arali - she is interested as a resource for the Force

*Balmorra Star:

  • Pitr, Abinar, Swift triangle - charming guy, helped you escape, led to romance; confusing. She doesn't want romance, but “friends” with Abinar, a little creeped out.

*A bit suspicious of Varentari, worried that Swift is so vehement.


*Arda I: indoctrinated into rebel command; question about parents (obligation);

*Balmorran Star: Koyi - originally saved her, light connection; worked for Balmorran Star (via Telmarr - she was Telmarr's eyes and ears), she was coming on to him.

*B/ Dash & Kay - after Dust settles Koyi is still after Dash - doesn't want to offend either, doesn't know how to handle conflict

*Okay w/Damaria

*Not dealt with Sam's suicide.

*confident in his abilities.

*Assistant trainer. Searching for parents. Dash connect with Telmarr; impasse with relationships.


*Views team as competent but raw, Rebellion stretched thin, happy to find connection to Rebellion and finally act - peace & justice in the galaxy; general - rank feels undeserved, but makes sense.

*She's looking for her ship, the kid on it.

*Adopt covert training, camouflage.

*She's keeping tab on Varentari, ——> social chess, meet for informant, as a “concubine”; high quality non-permanent disguise —> green

*Commune with Force Ghost - partner managed to become one. Trip, human - interrupts her at inconvenient times; cocky, show off, a little crass. Maybe others start hearing him.

*interested in group dynamics, esp. Girls & Swift


*Hard time leaving Balmorra

*Arda I: solidifed that he doesn't want to rely on the Alliance too much

*Droids: Force enlightenment. He realized he had a problem that clouded his judgment.


*Arda I: Rebellion saved her, trained her, brought back to Dash;

*Balmorran Star: thinks she hit killing blow on ISB agent - insecurity around being an assassin plus the roller coaster.

*seed of uncertainty, rival

*connect with Arali (sisterhood)

*Get job through Telmarr


*Killing Lars - wanted him dead, preferred to draw it out (wanted harsh reality), feels weird

*Arda I: Sith statue/stone, object in his pack - not told anyone about it; not questioning his own sanity, attributing it to the Force; stone is an artifact connected to the Force; solidarity with team - finds new rank humorous, but takes it seriously, wants to own it

*Training - survival & sniping, farming; hunt with Swift


*Trusts Via more; liaison to sister; told party about his family - it's not haunting him.

*Party no longer a “job”; faith in Rebellion, rank thing: wants to learn more about command - didn't feel good about how he performed at Balmorra Star.

*Studying leadership (career skill in Deception). Working with logistics, training mechanics, building, guys underneath him training them

Tor's Sister: who sold family out? She had a chip on her shoulder, get resources, independent.

Varentari: knows about everyone's Force stuff, Arali saved from assassination; Swift against him, Arali might develop friendship. He would also try to influence Kay —→ Telmarr

Loose Ends:

*What's up with Pitr? (maybe less now, back pocket)


*Proper communications (internal email system back up & running)

*Holocron/Jedi Temple

*Firebird - General that knows about D, and another Firebird part of the Alliance, framed D, still on Balmorra, traitor to Empire

*Dash's Parents - arrested by empire??

MK-testing up powers