Baron Swift


  • Male human
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 1.8m; in shape; blond hair, grey eyes
  • Career: Mystic
  • Specializations: Seer, Niman Disciple
  • Birthday: GRS 2:5:12
  • Medical History:
    • Crippled (35.03.11) by an errant rifle shot - increase difficulty of checks using his right leg
    • Various critical injuries (35.02.10), after being subjected to torture in an Imperial/Human League lab experiment; healed.


“Record of Rebellion: Excerpts from the Journals of Baron Swift”

Season 1
Season 2




Skill © Pool Rank
Charm (Pr) 2
Coercion (Will) 0
Deception (Cun) 1
Discipline (Will) 3
Perception (Cun) 0
Survival (Cun) 0
Vigilance (Will) 1
Education (Int) 1
Lore (Int) 2

Lightsaber (Will) - career -

Talents & Abilities

  • Uncanny Reactions (3 ranks) - Add to all vigilance checks
  • Keen Eyed - Remove from Perception and Vigilance checks. Decrease time to search a specific area by half
  • Grit - +1 Strain threshold
  • Sense Advantage - Once per session, may add to 1 NPC's skill check
  • Force Rating +3
  • The Force is My Ally - Once per session, may suffer 2 strain to perform Force power action as manuever
  • Natural Mystic - Once per session, may reroll any 1 Force power check
  • Nobody's Fool - Upgrade difficulty of incoming Charm, Coercion, or Deception checks once
  • Niman Technique - When making a Lightsaber skill check, may use Willpower instead of Brawn
  • Quick Draw - Once per round, draw or holster a weapon or accessible item as an incidental
  • Touch of Fate - Once per session, add to any 1 check
  • Street Smarts - Remove from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) checks
  • Balance - When the character heals strain after an encounter, add FR to check
  • Intense Focus - suffer one strain as a maneuver to upgrade the next skill check once
  • Dedication - +1 Willpower

Force Abilities

  • Influence: spend to stress the mind of 1 living target at engaged range (1 strain)
    • Upgrade: Magnitude - Spend to increase # of targets affected
    • Upgrade: Range - Spend to increase range of force power
    • Strength: Stressing the mind of living target becomes 2 strain per
    • Control: Emotion/Belief - Make an opposed Discipline vs Discipline check combined with an Influence Power check. If successful, spend to force the target to adopt an emotional state or believe something untrue, lasting for 1 round or 5 minutes.
    • Control: Skills - When making a Coercion, Charm, Deception, Leadership or Negotiation check, roll Influence power as part of the dice pool. May spend to gain or (user's choice) on the check.
  • Enhance (with control upgrades): Roll an enhance power check as part of an Athletics, Coordination, Piloting Planetary, and Piloting Space checks. Spend to gain or (user's choice)
    • Force Leap - as an action, make an Enhance power check, spend to jump horizontally or vertically to any location in short range
  • Move - Spend to move one object silhouette 0 in short range anywhere in short range of user.
    • Strength - spend to increase silhouette by 1
    • Range - spend to increase range band by 1
    • Control - User can hurl objects to damage targets by making a ranged combat check (Discipline vs range) combined with a Move power check, dealing damage equal to 10 x silhouette (or 5 base damage for silhouette 0)

Weapons & Armor

  • Holographic Costume: Powered clothing that provides ten different outfits at the flick of a switch. Programming a new costume takes 10 minutes and an Easy computers check if the costume to be copied is on hand (Daunting if not at hand). 1 Defense. 750 credits
    • Current costumes: Imperial Officer, street clothes (day labourer), Assembly janitor, fashionable robes
  • Staff of Office Lightsaber Sheath (Defensive 1); Add 2 when attempting to convince others to allow him to retain his staff of office. His former weapon is now converted into a sheath; it is functional as a defensive staff, but is now unusable as an offensive weapon.
  • Eagle-hilted Shoto Lightsaber (Lightsaber [Will], Engaged, Damage 7, Crit 1); Accurate 1, Defensive 1, Breach 1, Sunder, Vicious 1


  • 2 stimpacks
  • Datapad

Other Gear

  • 218 credits on hand



Baron Swift grew up in relative luxury as the eldest son of the aristocratic Swift family, and he excelled in manipulating his teachers and family. Unusually manipulative - his parents realized his Force Sensitivity and taught him to be cautious and have kept his abilities as a secret. Baron Swift is simply thought to be very charismatic - he is not known to be a Force User, at least publicly. He has a younger sister named Alexandra and a brother who died as a child.

The Swift family had been powerful and wealthy for generations, until the Empire took control of Balmorra. During the Clone Wars, the Baron's father and the other titled Peers voted to secede from the Galactic Republic; when Palpatine established the New Order after defeating the Trade Federation, the Emperor appointed a Governor and seized most of the ruling families' assets and bribed the planet's population with promises of prosperity, security and order. Balmorra's Assembly remained as a figurehead, but could only pass “recommendations to advise the Governor.”

His parents were vocal in their disapproval of the new Empire, and when they disappeared on the way home from a particularly heated Parliamentary session, the young Baron realized that direct confrontation was not going to overcome the all-powerful Empire.

As a young adult he became involved in theatre, and enjoyed local popularity as a budding actor. Recently he took up playwriting, and his works indirectly criticize the Empire's approach to governing the galaxy, in the hopes of swaying the passive majority into ending the tyranny.

His sister has already escaped the planet to join a distant Resistance group (codename: Compatriot), but he stayed behind to tend to his familial duties; he retains the limited authority to advocate for his constituency. He outwardly professes support of the Empire, but clever listeners may hear his veiled insults and challenges to its authority.

After a few months of intense Rebel activity, the Empire discovered Swift's involvement and immediately declared him a traitor and took the opportunity to dissolve the Assembly. This move is not popular with the citizens of Balmorra, and he is quickly becoming a symbol of Balmorran Independence.


  • Fears losing those close to him, and tries to keep up a facade of confidence in public; he is afraid that his parents may be dead. Wants to protect his team.
  • He is afraid of deep water - something could be lurking down there!


  • The Imperial Government of Balmorra in particular, who removed his parents and stole his family's fortune. They have now taken full control of Balmorra with the declaration of martial law, which to him is one of the worst forms of government.


  • Wants to recapture his family's honour and prestige
  • He is the only one left from his family on the planet - perhaps he can form a family to replace the one he lost.


  • Plays the Zeltron Lute, and used to spend time in the local pubs playing and singing tales of the past - subtly reminding people of freedom, the dangers of autocracies, and satirizing the Empire and its “snowmen who can't hit the broad side of a Bantha.” He uses the Influence power to draw the audience in.
  • Playwriting & speeches - critiquing the Empire without drawing their ire is a tricky task.
  • He has recently joined Sprend in helping to tame animals - he rode equines as a child, and these Varactyls seem much more exciting.


  • Recruitment (0): Growing this fledgling Resistance 'family' in the hopes of disrupting the Empire.


Connection: Intelligence - The Baron is motivated to aid the Rebellion because he has a younger sister who is involved in a wider resistance movement. She is the Resistance's main contact. Her code name is Compatriot.


  • Moral strength: love
  • Moral weakness: fear

The Baron genuinely cares about people - those he represents in the Assembly, his team as a whole, and tends to try to convince enemies to like him before resorting to violence (though he is weakening on this point). He has confidence that words almost always work better in the long run. This ability and willingness to empathize and understand others gives him the ability to manipulate them, whether for altruistic reasons or selfish ones.

He does fear losing those he loves, and drives him to occasionally act recklessly, putting himself into danger. At first his past - losing most of his family and the family wealth to the Imperials - instilled in him a fear of losing his future, but now he uses this fear to provide him with courage to act against reasonable odds. He had cultivated a deceptive persona of being pro-Imperial, but this has now been shattered and is known publicly as a Rebel.

Initial Group Ties

Since his whole life has been spent on the planet, he is good friends with Tor-nenko, whom he regularly beats in Sabacc and Dejarik. He has come to know Tor as a very reliable mechanic, and has written poetry lauding his incredible feats. He just can't figure out how Tor keeps his clothes so clean all the time.

He met and recruited Damaria; he wasn't completely sure whether to trust a former Imperial officer, but her obvious appreciation for his music was enough to start. After spending several months with her on the team, and having much in common, he has come to wonder if there is a possibility of a closer relationship with this strong, independent woman.

When Sprend first joined the team, the Baron was cautious about this Duro's clear hatred of the Empire - open sedition could destroy his fledgling team, and so he hoped he could convince Sprend to remain secretive and focused. He discovered that Sprend was significantly more subtle and cunning than his first impression, and has come to rely on Sprend's talents and maturity. And now there is no point in keeping the Resistance secret. Swift views Sprend as an older brother he can count on in any sort of trouble.

Dash is a reckless rebel, and the Baron feels quite protective of him - he sees Dash's potential and doesn't want him to end up in the gutter or on an Imperial work planet. He has seen the change in Dash over the past two months, and while he is saddened at Dash's loss of innocence, he has faith that this young Twi'lek will rise to the occasion and will develop his well-rounded skills. Dash has met the challenges and matured quickly, finding a true place in the Balmorran Resistance.

The Brown Fox was an Imperial Agent originally tracked by his sister and her Intelligence group, and she notified him that the Shistavanen was on his way to the planet. This disillusioned assassin turned from the Empire to join the team and has been a very useful member of the team. Everyone has welcomed him and shown great concern for his well-being. The Baron feels a connection with him despite their incredibly different backgrounds, and has chosen to trust this troubled Shistavanen. This trust was discovered to be misplaced, and while Swift still has sympathy for the troubled Fox, he will not give Fox another chance to betray his family - Fox cannot replace the members that died from his treachery - Chulo (and perhaps the other Takkas), and possibly Vinny and Via.

Merlyn is a new addition to the team, and has proven very resourceful and eager to please. Swift has relied on him several times for healing, and the courage displayed by Merlyn in rescuing them from the Imperial Centre's prison complex was impressive. He finds Merlyn to be a bit odd but endearing.