Arbrax Fenthar

Arbrax is an Imperial Commander turned as an Rebel intelligence asset. He is an Executive Agent willing to pass along information and carry out small tasks. He is NOT a member of the Rebellion.

Fox was planning to turn Arbrax in as a Rebel Agent and prepared some false documents to show he helped plan the theft of the AT-ST shield generators, but the generators didn't show up at the raid as per his plan, and 63 did not ask for more rebels - perhaps Fox himself was counted as a Rebel to satisfy his “7 Rebels for 7 family members” requirement.

In any case, Arbrax remains in his position and may provide intel for the party in the future.


  • Age: 43

Early Life

  • Born and raised on Nubia, near Corellia.
  • Parents were grain farmers. Now deceased.
  • Has two older brothers (Krisk and Malvek)
  • Older brothers and Mother and Father involved in farming accident. Only his brothers survived. He hates his brothers and hates farming.


  • Previously married to Bri Eldin, now deceased.
  • Bri was an aide to a politician who suspected her of treason.
  • Bri was execute by the Empire 18 years prior for treason.
  • Fenthar believes Bri truly was a traitor. He blames Bri for communicating with rebel groups.
  • Never remarried.


  • Rose steadily through the ranks of the Imperial Army.
  • Was part of the Ghorman Massacre with Wilhuff Tarkin.
  • Was awarded a medal of valor for the Kwymar Suppressions.
  • The Rebellion has won multiple skirmishes with Fenthar lately, which got him assigned to Balmorra.
  • He was turned as a Rebel asset while deployed on Balmorra.